Samii is so much more than a trainer. I found myself at 45 stuck, unfit, miserable but unable to motivate myself to change.

Samii helped me instil not only good fitness and eating habits but helped build my confidence and be accountable to myself.

It really is a holistic package - I highly recommend.


I love being coached by Sam, her positive attitude constantly inspires me to train harder and her in-depth knowledge of nutrition has helped me a great deal. 

Sam takes a wonderful holistic attitude to training, believing that healthy food, regular training and a positive mindset is all part of healthy living. 


I'd been training hours a day 6 days a week for months, not achieving goals and exhausted I took a three month break. Feeling more disheartened than ever, Samii's energy, enthusiasm & encouragement gave me faith. Together we've tweaked my training habits, upped the weight and allowed for plenty of rest & as a result I'm stronger than ever!

Feeling fully supported, Samii is a hidden treasure!


"Samii is amazing!!!

After just having a baby I was nervous about getting back into training but she made my return so easy.

She made me feel supported and comfortable while still pushing me to achieve my goals!


Being coached by Sam is one of my favourite parts of the week. I feel incredibly motivated and determined to push myself in every workout and I can definitely notice results not just in my physical body and fitness level but also an improved mental state from working with her.

Her training programs work with the style of exercises I like and challenges me but still keeps it enjoyable!

I would 100% recommend working with Sam!


Samii just gets it!

An all rounder, her experience at all levels of training mean that her knowledge is amazing, but also her awareness of the emotional support that is required!

She is one amazing and unique trainer!


"Samii is a passionate health and fitness practitioner! 

I love her holistic perspective and down to earth style.

Absolutely loving my training with awesome strength and cardio!

She rocks!"

Samii has been a wonderful coach to work with. She is always positive and focused on my performance and physical improvement. 

What sets her apart from any other trainer though, is her ability to connect!

She doesn't just give you workouts to complete but makes sure you evolve as a human throughout your program as well. 

I feel stronger, more knowledgable about fitness and form, and overall better about life.

She is a beautiful soul and made working out enjoyable again.


Instantly after speaking with Sam, I knew we'd get on. I felt really positive results after just a few workouts.

With a combination of general health and well-being that compliments her incredible anatomical knowledge, she creates a space where you feel your body and mind being pushed and nurtured at the same time. I really feel like I'm being coached by a very encouraging friend!

Couldn't recommend her more!

I love working with Samii.

She is a true fitness professional and is focused on helping me achieve my goals keeping every workout program challenging, as well as fun.

Do yourself a favour and start training with Samii.

You won’t regret it!


I love Samii's approach to health and fitness.

She reminds me that eating healthy, exercising regularly and looking after your mental health are the keys to unlocking the best version of yourself. Every time I work with her I leave feeling strong and empowered.

I highly recommend her.


Training with Sam is perfect for anyone having troubles sticking to a work-out and wellness routine. Sam is full of knowledge and within the last four months I have not only improved my overall fitness and strength, but also learned valuable lessons on nutrition.

Each workout is well planned and incorporates a variety of different exercises.

Thank you Samii!!!


Since working with Sam I have felt a lot happier and more confident in myself as I get pushed toward my goal in a supportive environment. 

The compliments I get towards my new toned self only confirms that working with Sam was an amazing decision and I can't imagine having anyone else!

Ready to be coached by Samii?

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