May 10, 2016

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Why Having Fun Could Be The Secret To Weight Loss



Weight loss and fun are not two words you often hear used in the same sentence, so it's no surprise if you're first reaction to this article is complete disbelief. If you are like most people, then you can probably think of many words to describe the weight loss journey but 'fun' is probably not at the top of the list.


For most of us the chase for the 'dream bod' is a gruelling, restrictive and disciplined routine that's pretty much all work and no play - I mean, a few cheeky drinks on the weekend with your friends? Forget about it! Am I right?


But don't worry we've all been there.


The weighing of every gram of food, the hours spent at the gym and the complete lack of social interaction based on the fact that you can't eat or drink anything from anywhere unless it's chicken and broccoli in a small tupperware container, prepped two days before and tastes of nothing but cardboard. 


Ain't nothin' fun about that! I think we can all agree.


And yet we keep putting ourselves back onto these crazy training schedules and ridiculous diets, why?

Well for one, they seem to get results quickly but it's a double edged sword because it's also the same reason why we lose the results so quickly.


The problem is as human beings, instead of blaming the weight loss program that was never created to last to begin with, we blame ourselves. We think it's our poor self-control or weak mind-set that let us down, when in reality it was the restrictive, all-work no-play, cardboard eating, hampster-on-a-treadmill living, lifestyle we were following. 


Put it this way, any sane human-being that has been deprived too long of cocktails with her girlfriends, a bucket of popcorn at the movies or a delicious dinner out with her partner is bound to crack eventually because life would be no FUN!


Life was never meant to be lived so seriously so when we cut all the fun out our lives to attain our idea of the perfect body, everything falls out of balance and eventually, the perfect body won't be enough to keep us going. It's just not worth it, if you're not able to enjoy it. 


And that's when it all starts to unravel. We feel like a bird in a cage ready to break free and that's exactly what we do, we rebel against the chicken and broc, the gym, the early nights and the hermit lifestyle and we "treat ourselves" to whatever we want, whenever we want and end up back where we started. Not only did we waste all that time restricting ourselves but we didn't end up achieving the goal we set out to, long term.


The solution?




It's not as hard to do as you might think. Trust me. 


First you need to stop thinking the only way to get your 'dream bod' is to go to the gym and run on the treadmill for an hour or kill yourself in the weights room 6x a week because that's what the fit-chick on Instagram said to do. If you're not lovin' it, don't force it.


You need to find something active that you really enjoy doing! Maybe it's a team sport like soccer, basketball or netball. Maybe it's a water sport like stand-up paddle boarding, surfing or kayaking. Maybe it's taking your dog for a run or doing a class of yoga. It doesn't matter.


Your body doesn't care what activity you do, it only cares to be used for what it was designed to do... to move!


Secondly, whatever you do, make your food delicious. Notice I didn't say unhealthy, I said delicious. And yes, there is such thing as delicious healthy food. If you don't know how to whip up some healthy soups, salads, curries, stir-fries, smoothies and raw desserts do yourself a favour and buy yourself a healthy cook book. 


So long! to cardboard flavoured 'gym food', life is just way to short for that kind of blandness to be a part of it.

Make cooking and experimenting in the kitchen an exciting discovery of healthy-takes on all your favourite naughty foods. I mean - have you even tried a raw, refined sugar-free snickers slice? No!?

Well, i'm just going to leave this here... Raw Vegan Snickers Slice.


Once you discover the world of fun, healthy and delicious guilt-free food, you'll never go back. 

Unless you get lazy... so don't get lazy.


Thirdly, make your new healthy lifestyle social. Science suggests that social connection between human beings is a necessity not a luxury, meaning cutting your friends out of your schedule because you're on a health kick is just never going to work. It's science.


So instead of cutting them out bring them right into the thick of it. 


Create a dinner night with your friends where you all catch up and make a delicious healthy dinner. You can all share new recipes and ideas with each other and have a chance to try delicious new healthy food.


You could even invite your friend along to your new found sporting activity and make it something you guys do together. 


I know first hand that this works as my good friend Maddie and I have recently just taken up yoga - including early morning 6:30am classes.

Unfortunately i'm not so easily persuaded to get out of bed that early unless I absolutely must so we decided that on those mornings, after yoga, we would go for a coffee date.


For me, being the social butterfly that I am, it was all the motivation I needed to get out of bed and spend a beautiful morning doing yoga and catching up over a coffee in the sun to start my day. 




In short, we all need to stop making losing weight so complicated. 


If you're enjoying what you're doing, you're going to want to do it again. 

Do it again, and you'll continue to get better at it. 

Get better at it and not only will you start to see results from your efforts, but it will get easier to motivate yourself.


Before you know it, you'll be doing it consistently, feeling great, looking great and there'll be absolutely no reason why you would ever want, nor need to back slide to where you started. 


Are you feeling as relieved as me right now to know we can still achieve our goals while living a life we enjoy?! (or more importantly a glass of red wine we enjoy on the odd occasion?)


Awesome! You go girlfriend.


If on the other hand, you are having trouble knowing where to start when it comes to losing weight - let alone finding a program that you can enjoy, why not start with my FREE "Love Yourself Challenge" program for the next four weeks which includes yoga, a training program, nutrition advice, meditation tips and so much more. 


It's the perfect intro into leading a balanced, healthy and happy life! Just Click Here.


To finish off I really want to share this wonderful video with you all, proving, that if you take something that's good for your health and you make it fun.... you'll stop thinking about it and just do it! 

It's science. ;)







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