May 10, 2016

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5 Pieces Of Advice For Getting Over Your Biggest Fitness Hurdles



Getting 'fit' can almost seem like an impossible task with all the things we have going on in our lives on a daily basis, especially when you factor in work, relationships, family, hobbies and more.

Too often self-care takes a back seat and quietly sits there until we feel so gross either physically, mentally, emotionally or all of the above, to do something about it. 


Until that point, we tend to make excuses for ourselves and complain about not having the bodies we want, or the energy and vitality we desire all the while doing things to directly sabotage making those desires a reality. But no more!


I am writing this blog to pull you out of the rut you may be in right now and to remind you that taking that first action to change is always the hardest part. 


You may already be working out and eating well but not seeing the results you hoped for or maybe you haven't been doing anything at all and need a little guidance on where to start. Either way, I hope this post helps you on your way to feeling better and seeing some progress on the motivation front. 






As a personal trainer this is probably what I here most when it comes to not being able to workout, but usually one of the easiest to overcome. 


The trick to overcoming not having enough time usually depends on your situation.


If you are time-poor due to work commitments then I usually suggest waking up an hour earlier. Although you're probably thinking right now - "no way, I am already exhausted by the end of every day, I need my sleep" then let me reassure you that while getting at least 7 hours of sleep for an adult is important, getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day can actually make you feel more energised, more productive at work and help you sleep better at night, meaning the quantity of sleep you get may be less but the quality of sleep is better. 


If you are time-poor because you have kids and find yourself running around with not much time to yourself then a quick 30 minute high-intensity home-workout is the perfect way to stay fit without requiring too much time or effort. You don't have to have a gym to get great results with your fitness you just need to be consistent. 


However, whatever your situation the main solution for not having enough time is of course - time management. 

Schedule your workouts for the week like they are important meetings you HAVE TO attend! It does not matter what comes up, it will have to work in around your exercise times, because at the end of the day how you spend your day comes down to what you prioritise and if being fit and healthy is important to you then your workouts should be scheduled and committed to with the same dedication as all the other important things you deal with day to day. 






If you are like me and struggle to justify the early morning when you are half asleep there are a few things you can do to get yourself up and moving. 


First, set your alarm and leave it on the other side of the room, that way when your alarm goes off you physically have to get out of bed and walk over to it to turn it off. 


Second, have your exercise clothes all laid out the night before, next to your alarm so when you get up to turn your alarm off it's all there, ready to go. This gives you less time to contemplate a change of mind and prompts you to get ready immediately. 


Lastly, try be accountable to someone other than yourself. Whether that means you schedule your morning workout with a friend or maybe if you have a friend that is always up early ask them to give you a call and not let you go back to sleep.


Whatever will help you stick to it - organise it and utilise it!






Being overwhelmed by all the machines and weights at the gym is extremely normal especially for any one who is not yet used to or comfortable in the gym environment. 


If you get to the gym and find yourself walking round aimlessly trying to think of what to do next I highly recommend you seek out a personal trainer or online coach who can issue you with a program and run you through how each exercise works.


This is going to help you gain a deeper understanding of how the human body works, what muscles your targeting in certain exercises and why. When you start to gain more knowledge about training you will begin to feel far more confident on the gym floor, doing your thing. 


Also as an added bonus, working with a coach or trainer will mean you have professional help designing your programs that are specific to you which can help prevent injury and accelerate your results. 






Why would anyone waste up to an hour a day doing something they don't enjoy?

If that's you, don't worry, I totally get it! I personally don't hate exercise but I also don't stick to doing anything I don't enjoy. 


However, the solution to this is quite simple - find an active hobbie that you enjoy so much it doesn't feel like exercise. 


Exercise does not have to be just squats and burpees, or a spin class and running. 


Exercise can be soccer, hiking, kayaking, bike riding or shooting hoops with your kids. It's anything that is getting you up and moving and too often we forget that. If you aim to do something active and fun everyday you will be on your way to being fit, healthy and happy!






This was me and still is on so many levels - only now, it doesn't affect my results. 

Why? Because I learnt how to cook DELICIOUS healthy food. 


If you think like I used to and think that "healthy eating" means grilled chicken, steamed veggies and salad then it's no wonder you associate being fit with bland, boring food. 


The truth is healthy eating can be SO MUCH fun and SO delicious! 


I learnt to cook healthy and yummy food by downloading recipe Ebooks which provide me with countless recipes for delicious raw desserts, bliss balls, smoothies, crackers, gluten-free breads, porridges, pancakes, out-of-this-world soups and salads and more.


The best kept secret of the internet is that pretty much anything you enjoy eating that's unhealthy can be recreated into a healthy recipe and found through a google search! *GASP* I know right!? 


That includes pizza, burgers, ice-cream, cakes and more. So time to get googlin' ladies! 


Try and source recipes that are as plant-based as possible and gluten free as this will help eliminate the high content of excess fat, sugar and salt that is present in the unhealthy recipes we've grown up loving and also means that the nutrients will be more readily available and easily digestible by the body.


I don't know about you but any foods that are good for my taste buds, my health and my waistline are a definite favourite for me.




In conclusion.... and of course I mean this in the nicest way possible - stop making excuses for yourself. 


You already know you're going to feel 100x better about your body when you work out regularly and you already know you're going to feel 100x better IN your body when you eat healthy delicious food. 


And damn girl, the good-feels you're going to feel when you make BOTH a priority in your life is worth every early morning and nutrient-rich green smoothie. Trust me!


With all my love, 

to all my followers.


Be fit, be healthy, be happy. 

Be unapologetically you. 


- Samii  xx




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